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Comprehensive Intervention
For Every Little Learner . . .

Little Learners is a centre-based intervention program for children with autism. It provides children with early, intensive, behavioural intervention (EIBI) - the most effective & evidence based educational approach for children with autism.

Little Learners currently has centres in:

  • North Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Sydney
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About Little Learners Autism Program

Little Learners Autism Program is a centre-based intervention service designed specifically for pre-school aged children with an autism spectrum disorder.  It provides a highly specialised educational environment, where children receive 20+ hours per week of intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which is an evidence-based technique that has been shown to have tremendous results with individuals who have an autism spectrum disorder. 

Children enrolled in the program will learn via a combination of 1:1 and small group intervention sessions, which focus on increasing skills such as communication, socialisation, play, daily living skills, motor skills, cognitive development and independence, while reducing challenging behaviours. 

Little Learners caters for children with autism aged from 12 months to 6 years old. Every Little Learner attends four for full days each week.  This maximises the time we spend with our students, and allows our students to receive the recommended 20 hours a week of intervention.

Our staff work with families to develop meaningful goals, which we teach in a systematic, fun and flexible manner.  Staff are highly trained and have a great understanding of autism and the behavioural techniques available to maximise progress of each student.


Why centre-based?

By creating a centre-based model, we aim to:

  • Provide a total intervention program package in one centre
  • Provide unique opportunities for learning in both structured and naturalistic settings
  • Allow both parents the opportunity to work
  • Focus on key early learning skills such as engagement, initiation, attending, and ‘learning how to learn’
  • Enable the child’s family to have support, education, practical advice, and time for respite/siblings

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