Autism Partnership restructures to a not-for-profit

Autism early behavioural intervention programs for children

We are very excited to announce that as of 14 September 2023, Autism Partnership Australia has restructured from a for-profit entity to a not-for-profit organisation.

Despite our previous status as a private company, the organisation’s primary objective has always been to provide exceptional services rather than to generate a profit.

“Our mission is and has always been to ensure that autistic children can access services that truly meet their needs. We initially chose a private structure for its flexibility and agility,” explains Shannon Eeles, Managing Director of Autism Partnership Australia.

With significant changes in the sector, largely driven by the rollout of the NDIS, it’s becoming harder for providers to deliver services that are most effective for children.

“As a provider, the current environment does not make it easy to focus on quality service delivery. Organisations run the risk of swaying too heavily on financial survival, and not enough on outcomes for kids”, Shannon explains.

Autism Partnership is not willing to sacrifice the future of children in order to respond to this model. We believe there is a better way.

By transitioning into a not-for-profit, we are protecting our mission into the future.

“Our restructure is about reaffirming our commitment to providing services that are the right fit for children. It’s about continuing to act in the best interests of children and ensuring that our decisions are driven by children, families and the science of learning”, says Shannon.

Autism Partnership’s achievements are a collective endeavour involving the organisation’s highly talented and dedicated team and every family who has placed trust in the organisation, advocated for their child to access services, and paved the way for future families.

“Our move to a not-for-profit also honours this shared legacy and importantly, ensures that our impact on children and families remains our most significant measure of success,” says Shannon.

Joining Shannon Eeles, the new Board will now comprise Christine (Chris) Stocco and Karen McKinnon, who have officially been appointed as Directors. Chris and Karen have been involved in Autism Partnership in leadership roles for more than a decade, and this appointment is a formalisation of a practical structure that has existed for many years.

“As well as affirming our unwavering commitment to ensuring that autistic children in Australia have access to appropriate services, these changes also open new opportunities for services, collaboration, research and advocacy. We are excited about our future”, concludes Shannon.

About Autism Partnership

Autism Partnership exists to empower autistic children. We support them to build the foundations for lifelong learning, opening up a world of independence, choice and opportunity. We put our heart and soul into delivering exceptional services and championing every child and family, every single day.