Autism Partnership promotes comprehensive intervention designed to meet the individual needs of each child we serve. Our agency is devoted to enhancing overall quality of life through treatment focused upon the development of improved social interaction, play and leisure skills, meaningful communication, classroom readiness, peer relationships and improved independence. Autism Partnership provides a wide range of services for children and their families as well training for professionals who are involved in the treatment and education of children with autism. Our one guiding principle is to utilise only the most evidence-based intervention available.

A multi-disciplinary approach . . .

Autism Partnership recognizes that there is often a need to utilize the expertise of professionals across disciplines, who all share a compatible philosophy to the treatment of autism and adopt a behavioural model of teaching.  In many instances, children who receive behavioural intervention services will also receive  speech therapy and occupational therapy to address the various deficits effectively.  We work in a collaborative relationship with a number of speech pathologists and occupational therapists, in order to create a comprehensive program that addresses all the developmental needs of the individual child.

Evidence-based treatments . . .

Every year there is a new treatment which is declared to be highly effective in treating individuals with ASD. So how does one decide which treatment to select? We are firm believers in the scientific method. It is important to separate those procedures that merely sound good, make sense, or feel right from those that actually produce positive change. This really is no different from what we would expect or want when it comes to medical treatment. If one had a life-threatening medical illness, one would not take a drug merely based on the claims of the manufacturer. The patient would look for medications that have gone through scientifically rigorous examination and have proven to be effective. That way the patient would also know the risks associated with taking them. The same should be true for any psychological treatment, including treatment for autism.

Parents should critically evaluate the evidence for effectiveness of a treatment approach and look for carefully conducted scientific research and beware of pseudoscience. What the research consistently shows is that one approach meets this scientific standard and more than three decades of research has shown to be highly effective: Intensive Behavioural Treatment based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). There is no other treatment has shown to be more effective or has the same amount of scientific evidence to support it.