Autism Partnership’s Commitment to Research

We are proud of our commitment to research in the field of autism.  Our staff in the USA, Australia and other international locations all contribute to the publication of research to allow for examination and critical analysis of our techniques and intervention strategies.  


New Publication in 2015:

"Applied Behaviour Analysis is a science, and, therefore progressive" by Leaf, Leaf, McEachin, Taubman, Ala'i-Rosales, Ross, Smith & Weiss.

This article represents a movement towards innovative, responsive and flexible application of behaviour analysis in the treatment of children with ASD.  A must read for all families and professionals!



Journal Articles

Research Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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In Press


Leaf, J. B., Dale, S. B., Taubman, M., McEachin, J. J., & Leaf, R. B. (In Press). A comparative analysis of different classes of reinforcement on increasing receptive and expressive language for children with autism. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

 Leaf, J. B., Leaf, J. A., Alcalay, A., Dale, S., Kassardjian, A., Tsuji, K., Leaf, R., Taubman, M., & McEachin, J. (In Press) Comparison of most-to-least to error correction to teach tacting to two children diagnosed with autism. Evidence Based Communication Assessment and Intervention.

 Leaf, J. B., Oppenheim-Leaf, M. L., Leaf, R. B., Taubman, M., McEachin, J., Parker, T., Waks, A. B., & Mountjoy, T. (In Press). What is the proof? A methodological review of studies that have utilized social stories. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

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 Leaf, J. B., Alacalay, A., Leaf, J. A., Tsuji, K.,. Kassardjian, A., Dale, S., McEachin, J., Taubman, M., & Leaf, R. (In Press). Comparison of most-to-least to error correction for teaching receptive labeling for two children diagnosed with autism.Journal of Research in Special Education Needs.



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